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I am a former politician and 4-time Ironman finisher so my body and soul have been tested over the years.  I love the 3 disciplines of swimming, biking, and running, and the physical and mental toughness that is required, and I am inspired by the collegiality created by miles and miles of training together.  But, to keep doing this as I approach my 60th year on this earth I need to really take care of my body, and that’s where Block Therapy comes in.  After years of stretching and rolling and all types of body work, I feel like Block Therapy is what has been missing. I learned about Block Therapy last year and immediately decided to make it a part of my training regimen.  I am now a certified Block Therapy instructor, and really looking forward to sharing Block Therapy with my community of friends, family and fellow athletes.

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The Three Components

Of Block Therapy


Create Space

Creating space in the body and melting through restrictions in the tissue is important for correcting posture and improving blood and oxygen flow to the cells, keeping them fed and clean.


Inflate Space

Instruction of proper diaphragmatic breathing turns on the internal furnace optimizing the melting of adhesions in the tissue. In fact, diaphragmatic breathing increases oxygenation in tissue up to 6x.


Maintain Space

Understanding how to use your body properly and strengthen the correct foundation is crucial to maintaining proper cellular alignment. Block Therapy addresses this to give you a full body program and teaches you how to bring proper posture into daily activity.




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