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What is Fascia?

Fascia is the tissue connecting every single one of our 100 trillion cells.


What is Block Therapy?

Block Therapy is designed to melt through restrictions in fascia tissue caused from aging, injury

and surgery. The student lies over a therapeutic tool called the Block Buddy.

The combination of body weight, gravity and diaphragmatic breathing creates a heating effect that melts through restrictions, improving blood and oxygen flow to cells.


What is the Block?

The specially designed wooden blocks are made out of solid wood with rounded corners that can really get into spaces that a typical roller or other tools cannot reach.   The blocks come in 2 sizes and are available for purchase at the Block Therapy website.  

How do I order my own Block?

Blocks are sold individually at the Block Therapy Store  or you can purchase   a Starter Package, the introductory Block Therapy program which also includes a Block.  

Can I take a Block Therapy class in person?

Contact Block by Block  directly to schedule an introductory session.  


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